Pesca Embarcada - Bariloche


Pesca Embarcada in San Carlos de Bariloche

We invite you to navigate the majestic Patagonian lakes and learn a different than usual Bariloche. Have a unique experience of fishing with your family or friends touring the stunning lakes Nahuel Huapi Park. In a full of wildlife unique natural environment, enjoy the stunning views and is starring in a memorable fishing experience.

If you are not a fisherman, let me teach and be amazed by the energy of salmonids in our crystal clear waters and share the personal attention of an experienced professional guide, on board a boat of extreme security with modern equipment. We invite you to enjoy with us.

Atte, Captain Victor Katz
Professional fishing guide shipped Park Nahuel Huapi and North Patagonia

Victor Katz
Pesca Embarcada - Bariloche
Pesca Embarcada - Bariloche


Pesca Embarcada operates the following equipment:

A semi-rigid boat Bim SR55 5.6 meters long, equipped with Yamaha engine 80hp four stroke, armed with bow cushion, seat console front and two rows of double seats. It has all the safety elements required by Naval Prefecture Argentina, but special equipment for sport fishing as; echo sounder, rod holders and down-rigger, plus all fishing equipment (rods, lures, etc.). The way is drag fishing or trolling, fishing and being (not allowed to use bait) fishing with lures using three different lines; surface, lead lines or so-called "depth", and a down-rigger (equipment that allows dipping a light line to the desired depth).

Pesca Embarcada operates for 15 years in Patagonia.


Pesca Embarcada de 2 horas

Duration 2.30hs

This exit is ideal for those who have little time and want to enjoy sport fishing or just take a walk in a wonderful environment. Includes fishing equipment and refreshments. Fishing permit not included

Pesca Embarcada de medio día

Duration 4 hours

At the start of half day (4hs), approximately 16km are covered. of lake, which in addition to fishing, offers the possibility of knowing a different Bariloche with landscapes that can only be seen navigating. Includes fishing equipment and refreshments. Fishing permit not included.

Pesca Embarcada de día completo
Complete day

Duration full day

An unforgettable experience to enjoy with family or friends. A full day, where the walk, fishing and join a good barbecue at noon on a paradisiacal beach. Includes fishing equipment, snacks and snacks. Fishing permit not included.

Full day fishing

Recommended option

We suggest as an option full day out in the Nahuel Huapi Victoria Island roast ...
Leaving Camping Cirse (km 14,400 of Av. Bustillo), sail heading towards Victoria Island, fishing during the morning hours, then disembark at Piedras Blancas (Parador National Park), where we roast and then continue fishing in the afternoon.
This popular inn is known for its unparalleled beauty, white sands and lush native vegetation, which invites visitors to make short walks, and even to have sightings of animals such as hares and deer.

  • Ground transportation
  • Refreshments and snacks
  • Roast
  • Complete equipment
  • Professional guide
  • Up to 4 passengers

Ask for special outings

Lago Gutiérrez, Lago Moreno, Lago Mascardi, Lago Embalse Alicura.
Isla Victoria with camp, Brazo Blest with overnight in Hotel, Chile (night Pto. Varas). Pacific salmon fishery.

Fishing days in pictures

Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada
Pesca Embarcada

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  • San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Patagonia
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